Unreal developed projects as part of games jams.

Game Jam (Jagex & Princes Trust)

I had the opportunity to get involved with the princes trust for their “Get Started in Games Design” programme, which gives 15 young people the chance to sample a taste of what it’s like to create games. I was involved…
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Reflection Game VR (Unreal Engine 4)

For the second company games jam we were given the option of two core experiences, and we decided to develop a somewhat (“ported”) virtual reality reflection experience. I was really pleased to get some more time in Unreal doing something…
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Reflection Game (Unreal Engine 4)

“Reflection” is a game level demo developed with Unreal Engine 4 as part of a Games Jam. The ideas and gameplay were derived from the designs and prototype for the “Dream Puzzle” game. The original ideas were transformed from the…
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