All of my C# based, personal portfolio work.

Let’s build a game in Unity masterclass w/Alex Trowers

I signed up for another Alex Trowers workshop/masterclass called ‘Let’s Build a game in Unity Masterclass’. Firstly, I would like to add that I cannot recommend attending any of these classes enough. Alex is a fantastic and inspirational teacher with…
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The HomeView application was the artefact I developed for my Final Year Project whilst studying on the BSc (Hons) Software Development course at Teesside University. It was written in C# and uses the DirectShow and DirectSound C++ libraries via a…
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Kinect SDK: Experimental Development

I’ve did doing some experimental coding with the official microsoft kinect SDK (see Blog Archive 24 August 2011). This eventually manifest itself as a interesting home, PC controlling application, which I then implemented in my final year project HomeView (see the…
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Brain Training

I unfortunately do not own a Nintendo DS. But, I love Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training! So I wrote my own program which does just that! Implementing threading, the game is fast and records your high score locally through a .brain…
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