Currently setup at Expotees waiting to talk to people! Had some problems setting up the kinect and webcams (expected them though!) but everything’s going! If you are here, come by and say hi!


Botchy Soldering, Invisible Light & Kinect!

So, after my seriously under practiced soldering skills were finally put into use: I tested my ‘customized’ webcam to see if the IR light was, in actual fact working. I had my doubts since it’s really just been a mish-mash…
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More Hardware Experimentation + HomeView Implementation = A Soldering Iron?!

It’s been almost a month since I last blogged about the project. Do not fear! I’ve been hard at work mostly implementing it ready for the 30th. Anyways, I’ve been experimenting with the webcam hardware to achieve better night vision,…
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Custom… Infra red Webcam

So I’ve hacked apart a cheap webcam (£3) to see I taking the infrared lens off helps with night vision as the others were pathetic (but they’re cheap) Fingers crossed its a little better :)!


First View of HomeView in Action

I was somewhat forced into developing the GUI for HomeView (although I intended to develop it along with the architecture). Regardless, heres how the application is looking/functioning! The Motion Detection algorithmn is not ‘great’ at the moment… but it is…
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Basic Motion Detection

So, i cracked motion detection in its simplest form! There is a comparison of the frames and where movement occurs, it is highlighted in red! +/- Boundries are set to prevent the cameras performance hindering the motion detection (pixel flickering,…
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Motion Detection

As previously stated, im currently working towards an effective and efficient implementation of my own Motion Detection algorithmn within the HomeView Application. At the moment things are changing quite rapidly and dynamically, Bitmap.SetPixel was too slow to be used appropriately,…
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FYP Update

Having finally synchronized the video and audio, the final prototyping required is the motion detection. After doing some initial performance tests, it takes roughly half a second to compare every pixel in two 360 x 360 frames (as bitmap). With…
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Animex 2012: Day 5 Last Day! :(

Last day of Animex 2012! Great talks regarding stereoscopy and 3D films his morning featuring a formula! And an inspiring talk regarding tax breaks in the creative industries which are much needed! Curtis job lungs, Max howard and Sherlock Holmes…
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Animex 2012: Day 4 Awesome Talks and a Great Networking Session

Despite being a little disappointed at the ratio of talkers to people who wanted to talk to them on Monday. Todays Animex Lounge session was awesome! Double the amount of talkers including those from Monday gave me an excellent opportunity…
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