Booty! Animex! Raspberry Pi!

Been a while since I last blogged, so I have a spare ten minutes to update. Booty I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Booty! Version 1 is almost complete, running and playing well. Everything is in place to have…
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Booty! Update

So, I have a game turn Toast Timer! I have dynamic switching screens! I even have a AI that can be manipulated… Does that mean I have a game…? Unfortunately not… Although all of these components are currently existing, they’re…
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Dusting off the Cobwebs now on Movella!

Yes! The first chapter of my creative writing pieces is now available to read… at your leisure on movella, anytime! Dusting off the Cobwebs Feedback, Constructive Criticism and Comments welcome!


Flipping… Coins!

Progressing through ‘Booty!’ we wanted to be able to establish which player goes first. Staying true to our motivation to keep it as close to the ‘live action’ game itself, we wanted to include an actual coin flip which is…
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‘Magic’… The kind some of you will know…

I thought this article regarding working towards your dream job was a really good read and it outlines the amount of work, focus, risk and dedication required to actually get there. Plus it took him almost 10 years to do…
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‘Polycount’ Game Industry Info

Although its primarily focused at the art side of game industry info, I thought it was an amazing read, especially since I only stumbled across it! PolyCount Game Industry Info Hopefully its useful! :)!


Big Beasty Blog Bonanza!

It dawned on me today that it has been a long time since I updated my blog… and the remainder of my portfolio page for that matter. Ironically, I have an awesome ‘stackoverflow exception’ story to tell, but it does…
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Return of the Portfolio!

Finally, my portfolio is back online after a switch over of hosting! Additionally my portfolio can be accessed from and! Stay Tuned!


New Projects & New Horizons

So, on the back of my university completion I’ve been working on a couple of personal projects during the transitional phase coming out of university. I have to admit it’s been a little relieving to start on something fresh, different…
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HomeView Available to download as msi!

Apologies for the delay I’ve been super busy on the back of an extraordinary week! The HomeView BETA is available to download, although I conducted thorough Alpha testing and beta testing, there are still some bugs to be expected. If…
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