Expotalent Panel @ Teesside University

It was a great experience being on the Expotalent careers panel with the guys from Rare and CubicMotion. It was really fun remembering my university experiences and being able to directly interact with all the students (some have been to…
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ExpoTalent / Careers Panels, Rizing Games & BAFTA Crew Games

Really excited to be having a crazy week! On Monday I’ll be heading down to London to hang out at BAFTA for the Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission masterclass! I’m really excited for it! On that note……
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BAFTA Games Crew

Super excited and honoured to have been accepted into the BAFTA Crew Games programme! I simply cannot wait to get started with the masterclasses and meetups ūüôā


The Game Making Game for Graduating Game Makers

Video Games. They’re awesome¬†aren’t they!? I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the industry and be offered the opportunity to participate¬†in the various festivals, conferences and networking¬†events that happen, particularly at a graduate level. It is especially motivating to¬†talk to…
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Animex (Part 2)

Nicole Stark followed Ken, who was representing ‘Disparity Games’ from Australia! Their game revolved around mechanics which confront bullying and self-esteem issues. It was a refreshing call to arms on addressing all of the stereotypes and typical sexualisation of women…
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Animex 2015 (part 1)

Woohoo! Man, I love Animex, it’s a proper gaming holiday. And it was jammed packed with awesome Game Dev, Animation Talks, Indie Games and social networking (three late nights!). In celebration of the first Animex Indie and to continue it’s…
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Targets, Coding, Publishing & Animex!

I seem to be naturally drawn to my blog whenever the awesome Animex festival rolls around. Admittedly, it’s always awesome to do the whole week, but it’ll be the first time in 4 Years where I miss out on a…
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Android Dev, Careers Fairs & Runefest

Spent borderline 4 hours trying to get my ‘Github’ed’ Android project to debug as a proper project to no avail… I can commit changes and push to the Github but it then won’t debug… Workaround for now is committing changes,…
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Animex 2014, Booty, Iphone Development!

As always, I was super excited about attending my favourite gaming event of the year, Animex (10th – 14th Feb), the sheer level of games development talent is just astronomical AND it was my first Animex where I am also…
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Animex 2014, Runefest, Javadoc

New Year, and man what a crazy year 2013 was for me. In-between attending runefest with Jagex as a Mod, attending Teesside uni for the careers day, attempting to complete personal projects and attending the Manchester Comic-con I’ve been about…
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