C-Sharp RollaBingo!

The RollaBingo! Game was written in C# and plays like an actual bingo game. It implements WPF, XAML and the singleton design pattern. Generating random lines of numbers; the player faces off against the computer to complete a row. The…
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SpeechRecognitionEngine speechEngine, can be a bit temperamental

So I’ve been testing the program I wrote as I go, I wasn’t expecting much, especially since my microphone has no quality at all. It’s been picking up my voice great … in fact … too great. I have it…
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SpeechRecognitionEngine speechEngine;

Wrote a little program that does a couple of cool things on voice command when I’m on my xbox and the computers on. Shut down the computer, Play some pendulum or open teamspeak. I’ll put some voice recognition into the…
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Final Year Project Ideas

After some useful hints and tips from my placement supervisor, I’ve been looking into the some examples of project ideas and developing my own. I’ve had a few ideas but there is a certain forerunner I think. I want a…
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using System.Speech.Recognition;

I didn’t realise there was a good namespace for voice recognition! I’ll be having a play with that soon. Story keeps on growing! Coming up to narrative I’ve had plotted for a while!


Loving Kinect!

Finally hands on with the kinect (after buying it myself). So much fun, SDK’s recently been annouced, I’ll be keeping tabs on that and hopefully do some cool things with it or find a way to incorporate it into my…
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One of my most favorite times of the year. 9-5(ish) of game development lectures right on my doorstep 🙂 Really looking forward to the lectures from: Ernest Adams on Single-player, multiplayer, MMOG: design psychologies for different social contexts Matt Tateshi…
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A little birdy pointed me in the direction of this cool Game Design website. I found it a really good read, somethings I just assumed and others I was like “Oh yeah!” (light bulb moment). Especially that psychic AI, it…
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New Year! New Projects!

Still writing the second part of my creative writing piece titled “Caught in the Web”. Been a while since I did anything in Java, doing some bits and pieces. I’ll also get round to doing some C++ Games Programming!


Writing Chapter 2 of The Arachnids

When a story has begun, it’s ending must be told! So I’ve began writing the second part of my creative writing piece. It’s going to be nice to have ideas documented.