Teesside University Careers Fair & “The Game Making Game” talk

As usual, I was asked to represent Jagex at the Teesside University careers fair. I always love doing this event, as it was the first place that I met Peter Lovell (our current Talent Recruitment Director) and began my road truly into Games Development (for which I am still very thankful for!).

It’s always a massive morale boost, talking to all of the passionate games design students about game development and of course, their potential careers at Jagex.

This time around however, I was also given the opportunity to deliver “The Game Making Game” talk to game development students across all disciplines, in the legendary (because I spent so much time there as a student and during attending Animex) OL1! (which I was super chuffed about!).

The talk was ace, but it was really cool that I got a lengthy amount of time to do Q+A post talk and in a more intimate environment over in the curve building after the talk itself (I also had my first opportunity to hand out my brand spanking new business cards too!).