UKIE Student Conference North (The Game Making Game)

On Wednesday I was given the opportunity to deliver my “The Game Making Game : For Graduating Game Makers” talk to students at Staffordshire University which I was more than happy to do. As always, I was massively anxious and nervous going into it, as I only found out on the Friday I was going to be doing it as Mark very sadly and unfortunately had to drop out for personal reasons.

The talk itself was in a bit of state as I was just rejigging it for a talk I’m going to be doing at Teesside University on 16th November (also super excited about it!). However, I’m really pleased that I’ve extended it briefly with some of the work Jagex has been doing with the mental health charity mind.

The talk itself was recorded! So you can check it out here: at around 8:01:00 (but all of the speakers were amazing!).