Let’s build a game in Unity masterclass w/Alex Trowers

I signed up for another Alex Trowers workshop/masterclass called ‘Let’s Build a game in Unity Masterclass’.

Firstly, I would like to add that I cannot recommend attending any of these classes enough. Alex is a fantastic and inspirational teacher with enough game industry knowledge to answer everything you can throw at him.

It was a great two days. I’ve been itching to get some stuff done in Unity since they gave away the Android licences for free back in June and since the busy changes of recent times, I never got around to it. So I jumped at the chance and I’m really glad I did.

We were walked through pretty much all of the primitive basics of game building in Unity as well as audio, particles etc… and although the outcome is rough around the edges… The game (including programming art MAGENTA) is playable!


Move Left – Left directional key
Move Right – Right directional key
Move Up – Up directional key
Move Down – Down directional key

Shoot – Space