Java Dream Puzzle

The ‘dream puzzle’ was a gameplay idea taken from the ‘Caught in the Web’ content development piece. The application is intended to be a proof of concept to demonstrate the puzzle and how it is played. The puzzle engine can easily be used with different GUI’s to create different sized puzzles using a container and buttons. (Note: The Java Runtime Environment will need to be installed to run .jar files).

Dream Puzzle Rules

  • A player can move a totem by clicking the totem they wish to move and then clicking where the player wishes to move it to (outside of the permitted surrounding grid locations).
  • A totem can be moved by one grid reference in any direction.
  • A totem cannot be moved directly next to another totem.
  • Starting and ending totems cannot be moved.
  • The puzzle is complete when the ‘dream essence’ reaches the end totem.

Download the first Puzzle .jar

Download the second Puzzle .jar

View the Java Dream Puzzle Source Code.