Java and C-Sharp Work

I have been working on two of my own programming projects. A C# kinect application and a small java puzzle prototype. I’ve been having problems with the c# project using the ‘kinect’ space that the camera uses. Unlike the custom made driver’s, the official Windows SDK uses an axis of -1 to 1 in the x,y and z axis of the kinect space. This has been somewhat problematic when converting a tracked joint’s coordinates and mapping them in relation to an actual screen.

I used the formulae: x = screenWidth * ( ( kinectX + 1) / 2) and y = screenWidth * (1 – ( ( kinectX + 1) / 2)).

The formulae allows successful movement of a cursor, but without forcing the user to stretch, the kinectX and kinectY only reach a max and min of 0.6 to -0.6. I’ll try to alter how I calculate the co-ords to minimise user movement.